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At Grayson Pro-Tech, we provide custom designed alarm and surveillance systems for small and large businesses in Roanoke, TX.

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Enjoy peace of mind with business security solutions that protect your assets, employees and customers.

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Unparalleled Expertise in Home and Commercial Security

Protect Your Assets

Grayson Pro-Tech provides comprehensive video security and surveillance solutions to residents and business owners in Roanoke, TX. Our trained technicians can install an alarm, DVR, and camera surveillance package that is sure to keep your property safe. If you have assets on your property that you need to protect, a surveillance system is a small investment that could help keep you safe. We can custom-install video security systems on your property, allowing you to monitor blind spots and weak points. This around-the-clock security can give you peace of mind knowing that you, your family, and your assets are safe.

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Total Control at Your Fingertips

As a Roanoke, TX business owner, there are certain parts of the business that you may not want your employees having access to. With our access control solutions, you can control who has access and when. This helps ensure that there is no unauthorized access to your place of business. Whether you need access control products to secure a single door, or hundreds of doors, we can provide the best solution for your location. We offer door access control equipment, card readers, access management software and all of the accessories needed to secure multiple entryways and exits at your business.

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Keep Intruders Out of Your Home

Approximately 90% of burglars are untrained professionals who scare easily. Installing a surveillance system would go a long way toward protecting your home or business. Although the alarm system can go hand in hand with your camera system, the alarm system is the most crucial tool for warding off intruders in the act. When they activate the alarm, most burglars will scare and run away. If this happens, the alarm proved successful in helping to protect your assets. Plus, you and the police will both receive notifications informing you of the potential break-in.

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Smart Home Technology and Surveillance Combine

With home automation from Grayson Pro-Tech, we’ll implement the latest smart home technology into your surveillance system. Our trained technicians can integrate all aspects of your system into one complete package. For example, you may not want your cameras to record 24/7, but only if an intruder triggers an alarm. With home automation, we can set these processes up so that they will run without you having to think about them. You can also choose when you’d like to set alarms automatically. Work a 9-5? Set the alarms for those hours, and they’ll turn on without you having to do anything.

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Transmit Information Safely and Securely

Although we pride ourselves on home security, we also specialize in data and fiber systems. Because our staff is so well-trained, they can install your data or fiber system at the same time as they install your surveillance system, making the process incredibly easy for you. Improving your data or fiber system can help you transmit your company’s information quickly and more securely. When it comes to protecting sensitive data, you can never be too safe. Securing the way in which you transport your data is a component that many businesses in Roanoke, TX have found beneficial.

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Protect Your Loved Ones When It’s Needed Most

No matter if you are protecting your family, personal property, or employees a fire alarm system that functions properly is one of the most important things you should have. Unfortunately, too many homes and businesses have fire alarm systems that do not work correctly. They often don’t realize that their systems are faulty until it is too late. Not only can Grayson Pro-Tech ensure your fire alarm system is working, but we can also install a state-of-the-art fire alarm system to keep your loved ones safe if a disaster were to strike.

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